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Is your organization exploring the possibility of moving to the cloud? Aryan IT Solutions can help you build strategies for moving forward with cloud computing. We provide consultation on migration, planning, and implementation. We offer support services to cloud computing applications. We can also track the quality of your transition. Most importantly, Aryan IT Solutions can help you move your computing services like servers, databases, applications, data, and analytics to the cloud and deliver them through the Internet so that you can access them anywhere, anytime.

Our Offerings

SaaS – Software as a service

We can provide complete support for the systems and applications in the cloud. Take advantage of our SaaS solutions and eliminate the requirement to deploy expensive systems and IT equipment. Our pay-as-you-go model helps you avoid expensive licensing procedures as we support and update your software applications in the cloud. With our solutions, your IT teams can focus on the more pressing matter as we eliminate the need for them to download and install applications on each system.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a service

We help deliver fundamental computing, network, and storage resources to customers through the Internet on a flexible, on-demand basis. With our services, you can avoid the trouble of owning IT infrastructure and high up-front capital expenditure. You can also eliminate the risk of your network slowing down due to a spike in workload, as we have solutions that can accommodate an increase or decrease in demand in the cloud. With IaaS solutions, you can have the same technologies and capabilities as a traditional data center without physically owning and maintaining it.

PaaS – Platform as a Service

We can deliver a platform via the web and offer you the freedom to build upon and use it for creating customized applications. Our solutions include the entire deployment and support of computing infrastructure, including middleware in the cloud. We provide a virtual environment for businesses to create and deploy new applications without worrying about building and maintaining the infrastructure.


Pay-as-you-go model

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