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Aryan IT Solutions Elevate Facility Management with FMS

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient facility management is the cornerstone of seamless operations. Code Facts IT Solution proudly introduces its state-of-the-art FMS - a holistic solution that ensures every facet of your facility is running optimally.

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Why Choose Code Facts IT Solution's FMS?

Centralized Control

With a single dashboard, manage all your facilities, from HVAC systems to security protocols, ensuring streamlined operations.

Predictive Maintenance

Our FMS utilizes advanced algorithms to predict when equipment needs maintenance, reducing downtimes and ensuring longevity.

Energy Management

Monitor and control energy consumption, driving sustainability and reducing operational costs.

Space Optimization

Analyze space usage and optimize layouts to maximize utility and improve workforce productivity.

Real-time Monitoring

Receive instant updates on facility aspects, from lighting to occupancy, for prompt discrepancy response

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate the system with ease, thanks to an intuitive interface tailored for facility managers.

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Key Features

  • Asset Tracking
  • Security Integration
  • Vendor Management
  • Emergency Protocols
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Tax & Tip Calculations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our FMS is designed for seamless integration with most modern facility infrastructures. Additionally, we provide onboarding support to ensure smooth setup and integration with your existing systems.
Absolutely! The FMS is built to manage multiple sites or facilities from a centralized dashboard, allowing facility managers to oversee operations across various locations seamlessly.
The energy management feature monitors energy consumption patterns and provides insights into areas of wastage. By optimizing these areas and scheduling efficient energy use, businesses can significantly reduce energy costs.
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